Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some New Developments

A fellow T-gauge enthusiast has enlisted me to create a Harriman standard 60-foot passenger car that will (not coincidentally)  fit nicely on to the new, shorter 35.5 mm Eishindo chassis.  Here's a picture of the prototype:

A coach will be made, but since this was also a common baggage car size, I am thinking that is in the offing as well, although maybe not right away. 

In addition, the old "CCE" 50' boxcar will be getting an overhaul.  This was the first of the rolling stock I made a few years ago, and the design needs some improvement...  Not to mention, it will be hollowed out-- it, too, then can be powered using the new chassis.  Upgrades will include improved roof detail, and a choice of door style!

Finally, I've been tinkering with the FP7/9 and just wanted to share a photo of a bit of decal work I did.  I'm working on perfecting it, along with developing more "standard" decals that may be offered to fellow T-gaugers.

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