Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Latest Projects aka the Back Shop

Here's a quick summary of recent developments and projects.

1.  Handrails for the GP40, GP38 (new), and SW9/SW1200 in etched stainless steel.
2.  Crossbucks, with and without warning flashers, gate arm, and with a cantilevered flasher in etched stainless.
3.  New GP38/GP39 model at Shapeways
4.  New ACF 2700 cu ft 2-bay hopper at Shapeways
5.  Improved 40' boxcar
6.  Improved 60' boxcar
7.  Modified GP40 so it can be built with or without dynamic brakes.
8.  Continued work on the GG1, which will have a powering kit available that is being developed with another modeler
9.  Testing a design for a thinner drive mechanism that will fit in the GP40
10.  Custom run of Netzlof design decals for a variety of roads is being done.
11.  AAR type "B" trucks completed, now working on a U25B shell.

Some pictures: