Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rolling Stock Updates

My T-gauge reputation to date has mostly been my rolling stock models, and rest assured although work and family have taken much of my time lately I've been working on a few projects. 

A couple notable ones:

1. A 60' Harriman-style coach such as were used by the SP for commuter trains.  This shell can be powered with the 39mm Eishindo mechanism.

2. Custom made Rhaetian Railways "Allegra".. part of a commissioned trainset.  Graphics are nearly ready, I hope to post pics soon of that.

A few refinements of the MP36PH and Bombardier Coach projects have been done.  

Oh.. did I mention an EMD GP9 is in the works.  Afterall, the B&O/Chessie layout absolutely demands a few Geeps!

This should be an exciting fall as projects come along.!