Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Start of a Blog

Hi, my name is Jesse Svoboda and I am creating this blog to document my modelling in T-gauge.  At one time I had a web page, but found it difficult to maintain, so I am trying this format.

For those of you unfamiliar with T-gauge, it is an electric model railroad scale of 1:450, based on a three-millimeter gauge track system.  It is accepted as the smallest operating model railroad scale in the world!  

I have created a variety of rolling stock and structures in T-gauge designed to fit on the Eishindo mechanisms.  I have posted extensively on the forum.

In this Blog, I will be posting photos of old and new models I am working on here, as well as links to CCE models on Shapeways if you wish to build your own.  Feel free to post your comments or contact me. 

PRR E8A with a coach and Broadway Limited observation car.   The background foliage was photo-shopped but the rest is 1:450.


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