Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Things keep moving along, so I wanted to document progress and new developments.  As always, any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated and if you're interested in buying anything, the product price list is at the top/right of the blog.  Email
  • Coupler:  Received prototypes and magnets, and they were a dud.  One of the components is (was) a 0.25mm cube magnet.  Now I don't mind working with small stuff, obviously, however this magnet is about the size of a grain of salt.  And I wanted to orient it by polarity, in a 1mm coupler, using steel tools... uhhh nope!  The magnet was really too weak as well.. so, I'm moving on with an alternate design.  The good old trial and error process.  I must say, in any case the "standard" articulated coupler works pretty well too, so this automatic coupler work may all be somewhat moot. 
  • Updated models:  Amfleet coach and TOFC flat car are en-route, I also redesigned the track roadbed to have slightly better detail and print more easily.
  • New models:  Decided to do the GE C40-8, it will have a choice of wide or standard cabs.  And etched brass handrails as well, and oh yes 3-axle trucks.  It's in the early stages of drafting.
  • Coalporter:  This one should be done within the week.  It's basically patterned after the Bethlehem CoalPorter, or Conrail G52 series.  It will be the 12-panel one.  Many roads had/have this rolling.
  • Sharonville EF:  Received the locomotive shop building and it looks good (this is how it comes off the printer):
     This is the prototype scene.  Now I couldn't do this scene without the turntable could I?  So that's in  development.  It will have etched brass handrails and other details and could be motorized.

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