Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2nd Generation EMD Power In the Works

While thinking about new projects I began contemplating, "What is the most broad-reaching locomotive model for North American modelers?"  I.e. what locomotive model spans the most roads, geography, and time frame?  Although I have no conclusive evidence, I think the EMD GP40 (and the -2 version) should come close.    Quoting Wikipedia:

"1,187 GP40's were built for 28 U.S. railroads; 16 were built for one Canadian carrier, Canadian National; and 18 were built for two Mexican carriers.. the GP40 was discontinued and replaced by the GP40-2, which has a modular electrical system and a few minor exterior changes...  Standard GP40-2 production totalled 861 units, with 817 built for U.S. railroads, and 44 for Mexican roads."

So nearly 2000 GP40's were produced and ran on roads from the B&O and PRR to modern day roads CSX, NS, UP.. not to mention Canadian and Mexican carriers.

The initial 3D renderings are now done.. and although it will be (by necessity, due to hood width clearance issues) a dummy, we will soon have a T-gauge GP40 model.  Now to get those Blomberg trucks ready for the T-Gauge  UK wheelsets...

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  1. Is this a 3D printable file for download and personal use? How difficult is changing the scale of this drawing?