Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rhaetian Railway Allegra ABe 8/12

Here's a project I did at the behest of a fellow who models the Swiss railways in the Alps: the Rhaetian Railways "Allegra" or  "ABe 8/12".  The prototype runs on the meter-gauge Bernia Railway (and some others) with extreme grades and curvature.   

(Photo from Wikipedia)

The model was created using 3D printing for the lead "A" unit shells, while the "B" or middle unit was scratch-built from an A unit.  The decoration was done with the technique I call "full-side decal" where basically the entire side is one decal.  I paint the bodies white and print the decal on clear decal stock.  Some added details such as the pantographs were scratch made from etched brass parts from an ship-detailing kit.  The power chassis is the 35.5mm Eishindo chassis, and all units are powered.

If you are interested in purchasing a shells, they will be available on the CCE Shapeways site, and feel free to contact me if you are interested using the decal artwork for your own model.


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