Monday, March 4, 2013

Mountains of Foam

The layout is slowly progressing.  I've added a backdrop/divider along the middle of foamcore, and started roughing in the hills using the tried & true foam layering technique.  I'll be shaping them a bit and covering with a thin coat of drywall mud/spackle as it moves forward.

  This is the Etna-Allison Park segment, with Pine Creek winding through the scene.  At the right side of the image, I'm hoping to recreate the Bryant Road area, a somewhat iconic scene on the P&W.  Here's a Google Earth image of the area:

Here's an image from track level:

.. and on the model from approximately track level at the same location:

It needs a bit of shaping of course, the hills will be more rounded and flattened.  And covered in trees of course!!

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