Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Small Structure Project Begins

Ok, that's an over-used pun in this scale..My apologies.   

This past weekend I received from the B&O RR Historical Society my copy of the B&O Standard Plans for MOW & Construction, an important resource material for my B&O theme layout.  Since one of my "must haves" is a model of BG Tower in Etna (below), the plan book will be particularly useful--it contains a section devoted to B&O towers.

The plan book contains all sorts of other goodies to make sure I've got things right--bridge, tunnel, road and ROW plans, etc. 

I also took a couple dozen photos of the area in Etna around the old Tippins Machine works, which was served by the B&O and PRR.  I plan to also model this complex although in a compressed way.  This is the site of the old tower--right where the telephone pole is currently.

Here's a photo looking RR east, from the site of the old station, towards what was "RC Etals" if I recall correctly.. Maybe the M fell off?

Finally, a photo of the Tippins plant from Bridge St., showing the typical curtain wall construction.


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