Monday, September 23, 2019

A Couple Developments

A prototype of a new automatic version of the CCE knuckle coupler is on the way... if it (or subsequent iterations) actually work, it would allow automatic coupling and uncoupling with a hand-held tool.  It uses magnets to achieve the automation.  We shall see, but I think it has promise.

One of the downsides to this is I will need to update virtually every "kit" model I've made (which include couplers.)  I needed to do this anyway due to need for many kits to have the new roller bearing trucks added, and the updated detail on the couplers.. but wow.  I'm thinking maybe I should leave trucks and couplers off the models and just sell them separately unless they are highly specialized trucks.  I have standardized on a 1mm bolster pin for the trucks.

I revised and updated a model I never actually sold in the 89' flatcar commonly used for trailer train service.  It could also be the basis for an autorack car and others.

A model of the Sharonville (Ohio) engine house, built by the New York Central and operated up into the Conrail era is on the way.  Most of it is 3D printed, but the roof will just be sheet styrene.  I'm planning to do a small diorama of the engine facility there to display models.


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